Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why So Worried?

The call comes in at about 9am, John picks up the phone slowly and hears a dead silence....there is no echo in the background, no other sounds to be heard. Trembling and shook up from the events that had taken place at the bar the night before John choked out the words, "Hello, he....hel-lo." Quickly a voice responded in one of those raspy, crackling, high pitched voices that you only hear on the scary movies, "You're gonna die tonight John...You're gonna die! John quickly hangs up the phone before anything else can be said and gets up off the bed and begins pacing back and forth in the room not knowing what to do. His mind is filled with all kinds of thoughts, and worry clouds every section of hi mind.

Now I would honestly say that John has something to be worried about. That is a story that I created just for this occasion. I thought today, how many of us live our lives in every situation worried just like this. Our minds are clouded to the brim with worries of all types. I lived this way at one time, always worried about one thing or another. Then the day came that I committed and surrendered myself, my life to the Christ. It took some time, but as I read his words in the Bible and began to apply those words to my life I began to ask myself this. If I believe that I serve the God of the Universe, then why am I worried about anything.

This God, the Christ that I serve is the same God that plagued Egypt during Moses time. This is the same God that opened the sea and made the land dry in less than a few minutes (impossible). The same God that brought Daniel unhurt, and even untouched out of the lions den. The same God that turned the 5 loves and 2 fish into a meal that could feed over 5,000 with baskets left. I have no worries any more.

You are probably saying to yourself, "I don't believe that, how could you live with no worries?" Think about it, God says in his words in the Bible, we cannot even count the hairs on our heads, but he knows every single one. The word also tells us not to worry, but to trust that God our heavenly father will provide for us. His word says that if we know how to provide good gifts for our children, then how much better will he do for us being our heavenly Father!

Finally there is no reason for us to be worried if we really trust the Lord and know his Word. If we are obedient, following the ways of God the best we know how, then God is faithful to bless and open the doors we need. BUT, What if God doesn't do anything at all? We have to be secure enough in our faith to know that this same God that brought the Hebrew boys out of the flames IS able to do anything. Even though he may not do, the time may not be right, or he may not be ready to move for us cause he see's that we aren't ready. All and all, just be faithful.....WHY SO WORRIED?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thru My Eyes....On Youtube

I'm excited about the new videos that I'm placing on youtube, check them out!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tomorrow Night my choir One Voice will be in concert at Trinity Temple COGIC in Grandview, MO. It's so funny right now that we are pretty much unknown in the world, but God is opening so many doors so fast as we continue to do ministry around the city. I know that we have been set apart for such a time like this. We are preparing to record and everything is being established and set up right now so that we can officially get our live recording. Many people have been waiting to have the official album and I am excited about recording it so they can be blessed daily. I have a very picky ear and the studio album is ok, but it is just not what i want for our final work. Excellence is what I want, I don't want to listen to our album and cringe because it's unprofessional and lacking quality. Keep us in your prayers and support us on Itunes as we go foward.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Have you noticed what is happening in America? There is a scary trend going on in America. The young people here, the majority of young people in America are turning there backs on anything that has to do with God. It is unbelievable that this country is becoming so selfish and lustful. The VMA's really express where we are as a nation because, from the VMA's you can see what kids, teens, and adults are listening too. If there were no people listening too and supporting this garbage, then there would be no garbage out there. We are quick to forget that what goes into the ear can be just as poisonous as what goes in the mouth.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Today I found myself listening to Max Richter's "On The Nature of Daylight". I was just in this type of mood, very heart warming and great music to listen to while folding clothes which is something that I hate doing...lol. It just seems to make everything peaceful, kinda like your sitting in the middle of a rain forest right next to a beautiful river that's never been touched by pollution. you can hear the sounds of the humongous waterfall in the distance and feel the mist coming from the water that has escaped the fall and drifted over to you. It makes me think of my life and what have I done that really matters and I thank God that I can say thatt I feel like I have done quite a bit that really matters in this world. things that will last beyond me on into eternity. I have made many stupid choices, but I have done many things right as well and I give all glory to the Lord God, my savior Jesus Christ!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The woman in this picture is the Love of my life. God brought this woman into my life to help me enjoy life while I seek to be all i can be for Christ. She is my calm when I am uptight, she is my joy when I'm sad. Arrica Wright has been with me thru these years in thick and thin and rough poor times and I have to say that many don't really know her. She has been a great woman to me, and she has opened her heart to me and allowed me to be her number one. I thank God for this woman that I love!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Getting My Priorities Straight

if there is anything that i have learned in the past 5 years, its that i must get my priorities straight. there is no time for mistakes. Every move i make is important. Im praying that I will make my next moves in life count